Cool Concepts South of the Lumbar

2020-09-19 - 2020-09-20
Off Nicol Health & Wellness, 1 Longford Rd, Bryanston
WARNING! - Due to current circumstancing involving COVID-19 we have chosen to postpond this course.

Functionally Relevant Testing, Treatment & Rehab to take back to the Practice.
2020 Evidence-Based from the Best of Current International Research

The following hot international topics will be covered:

  • New concepts in principles of management.
  • What the heck is Neuroplasticity? Utilising plasticity of the brain to enhance rehabilitation.
  • Isometrics: Why the hype?... To Push or to Hold.
  • Challenging Transversus: Why bracing is often not helpful. If it was all about Transversus,
    why even bother giving us Rectus Abdominus?
  • Pushing the link between breathing, back pain, peripheral pain & poor performance.
  • Correcting posture for optimal system balance
  • Pelvic Girdle Pain – MythBusters – challenging beliefs & simplifying management
  • Palpation & Surface anatomy of the pelvic girdle…. if you want to release the deep hip
    external rotators (eg), you need to be able to find them!
  • Femero-pelvic control & cool concepts such as Vastus Lateralis & the hydraulic amplifying
  • Is it really all about the Glutes? – should we start with isometrics or launch straight into
    functional rehab?
  • FAI? Labral tear? OA hip? Tendinopathy? Let’s use Differential testing, combined with clinical
    reasoning to differentiate
  • Running principles such as stride length, step rate, torque & forward trunk lean made easy.
    Useful Apps to use to help you assess biomechanical running faults & retrain better running
    & gait strategies.
  • The poor patella-femoral joint…stuck between the hip & the ankle. Let’s look above &
    below to improve outcomes.
  • Sharing of Assessment Tips & Tricks learnt from Years as a Clinician at the ‘Coal-Face’
  • The latest international consensus on how to rehabilitate lower quarter tendinopathies
  • Multimodal management. Individualised programs. We are skilled clinicians, NOT
  • Rehab: Learn to Load it! Using Volume & RPE to monitor improvement & incrementally
    increase the Load.
  • Observe a full assessment, reasoning & management of an ‘unseen’ patient to help integrate
    all you have learnt.
    There are loads of Workshops, quick Quiz’s & Prac sessions to integrate your new knowledge
    into the clinical setting.

Who should attend:

  • Any Physio who sees patients with various musculo-skeletal complaints, regardless of
    whether it is acute, or if there is a central mediated or chronic / persistent pain
  • Physios who work with children – improve their biomechanics, concentration in class,
    performance in the playground or self-esteem.
  • Physios who work with the elite athlete. Reduce injury risk factors so they can compete
    more with less injury.

Pre-course reading & Questions will be sent to you to assist in your preparation. Let’s work
together to ensure you get the most possible out of this 2 day interactive course.

Attending the Going Global Lower Quarter course is not a pre-requisite to attending this course as
the ‘Cool Concepts – South of the Lumbar’ is designed as a ‘stand-alone’ course. It will however be
helpful for you if you have already attended the Going – Global LQ course.