InstructorDarren Dukes
DateJan 31, 2020 - Feb 1, 2020
Time8am - 5pm
PlaceOff Nicol Health & Wellness
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Running Injuries Course

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This is potentially one of the most frequently asked questions in a consulting room, when dealing with an injured runner. Runners are more concerned about this, than about what is actually wrong with them. Runners are truly a unique sub-set of patients, and require a specific understanding and approach to dealing with them. That is what this course will attempt to equip you with.

Rather than trying to teach a specialised, separate treatment modality, or assessment protocol, this course aims at bringing a variety of approaches together, and helps the practitioner to decide on what is the best fit in dealing with that patient and problem. Emphasis is placed heavily on figuring out the root cause of the runners injury, rather than just diagnosing the pathology and treating it locally. The course is aimed at practitioners that deal with runners of any level, and distance. It is possibly appropriate for more recently qualified therapists, or those that have started seeing runners more frequently. It aims to bring together a realistic way of dealing with runner’s emotional and mental states, a thorough and complete physical assessment, and practical and effective treatment and conditioning tools. After completing the course a therapist should feel comfortable and confident in dealing with a runner from the initial point of consultation, to where the runner is happily back on the road.