InstructorWill Talbot
DateJun 8, 2019 - Jun 8, 2019
PlaceIsa Carstens Academy, Stellenbosch
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Digital Marketing for Health Professionals

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Marketing Fundamentals

How to effectively market a small/medium sized business in the medical area:

  • Digital marketing essentials
  • The changing landscape of marketing
  • Strategic marketing in a digital landscape
  • Brief, Plan, Run, Report, Optimise


How to Do Your Own Website Audit
Broken down into different components:

  • User experience and conversion paths
  • Check of how Google sees your website
  • Check of how Google sees your business online
  • The most important 8 statistics in Google Analytics and what they tell you


Social Media Key Platform Review
Evaluation of x3 platform (Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube)

  • Content production and advertising strategy in line with the AHPCSA Code of Ethics
  • Advert manager breakdown with specifics for customer targeting
  • Content marketing within YouTube
  • Social media management training


Online Ethics

  • A step by step review of the online guidelines for Healthcare Practitioners and Allied Healthcare Practitioners
  • Workshop examples of ethics online and the best approach
  • Social media management when posed unethical questions publicly
  • Digital advertising examples with ethics in mind


CRM Programs and Incentivising Advocacy

  • Looking at existing and potential to increase brand awareness through advocacy.
  • Emails communications and best practice
  • SMS use and tools
  • Loyalty and messaging opportunities


Summary and Future Proofing Yourself

  • Summary points
  • Ongoing self-learning and development